Administrative Bodies


The administration of NTUA is headed by the Rector, the Vice-Rector in charge of Financial Affairs and Development,  the Vice-Rector in charge of Academic Affairs and Personnel, and the Vice - Rector for Infrastructure. The positions are held by Professors or Associate Professors elected everythree years by a special body composed of all the Academic Staff members and the representatives of students‘ associations and of the others groups of employees. The Rector and the two Vice-Rectors form the Rectorial Presidium.

Andreas G. Boudouvis, Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, Rector
Evangelos J. Sapountzakis, Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Vice - Rector
Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou, Professor, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Vice - Rector
Gintides Drossos, Professor, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Vice - Rector


The Senate

The Senate is the highest collective body for elaborating and overseeing university policy and main actions. It consists of the Rector, the two Vice-Rectors, the School Deans and the representatives of staff and students. The main responsibilities of the Senate are:

  • The supervision of the way NTUA operates, ensuring that it does so within the law and in accordance with the "NTUA Statute";
  • The general educational and research policy of NTUA, the elaboration, planning and strategy for its future development, and the regular review of its activities;
  • The strengthening of the university’s ties with the society ‘s production of good and services, the contribution to regional, national and international development, the continuing education and training for engineers, and the collaboration with Greek and foreign educational and training institutions and with scientific and social organisations.

To Senate Commitees support and prepare the Senate’s mission, eight Senate Commitees have been established. They are the university’s highest consulting bodies with the power to elaborate and introduce the subjects to the Senate. Their members represent all the Schools and the administration. They also submit an annual report to the Senate, are chaired by members of the Rectorial Presidium and are coordinated by an elected vice-chair. Ιn NTUA, the following Special Senate Committees function in order to cover special demands for management, study, as well as recommendations towards the Senate and the Rector Council: Institute Legacy Committee, Basic Research Committee, Gymnastics and Cultural Activities Committee, Environmental and Energy Management Committee and Laboratory Committee.



Legal Adviser Office

The Legal Adviser Office represents NTUA interests before all courts and other authorities. The Head of the Legal Office is a member of the State Legal Council. He is authorised to submit advices to NTUA officials and members of the community.  Mrs Vaso Papatheodorou, tel.: 210-772-1918.

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