NTUA in the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair

NTUA participates, for the first time, in the Thessaloniki International Fair (86th TIF) with own exhibition space aiming to highlight the capacities, the dynamism and the extroversion of the institution and to present to the general public the efforts and the achievements of the academic and research personnel in connection with state-of-the-art technological developments.


It is NTUA’s strategic policy to be a leader of the local ecosystem that connects breakthrough research with technological innovations. NTUA’s participation in 86th TIF is a unique opportunity to get in touch and network with domestic and international stakeholders, industry representatives as well as with the public and private sectors. Also, to investigate possibilities to strengthen academic ties and research collaborations with institutions of the honored country, the United Arabic Emirates.


NTUA’s stand is located in the exhibition area No 14 (stand No 14) and will be staffed by the Rectorate and personnel, while many public and private sector stakeholders have been invited for a visit. Both material and digital exhibits will be displayed in the stand. The former include a Formula car of the Prom Racing Student team and Robots. The digital exhibits will display material related to educational and research activities, laboratories and local and international collaborations.


The coordinator of NTUA’s appearance in TIF is the Vice Rector of Research and Lifelong Education, Professor I.K. Chatjigeorgiou. In the following video is a message from the Rector of NTUA, Professor A.G. Boudouvis, on the occasion of NTUA’s participation in the 86th TIF.



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