1 M€ funding of NTUA Waste Processing Technologies Centre from Attica Region

Waste Processing Technologies Research Centre for High Added-Value Products and Services


In response to national, European, and international priorities in waste management for maximizing resource efficiency, the NTUA has received funding of 1 M€ from the Regional Operational Program of Attica 2014-2020 to put in place a new multi-disciplinary Research Centre on Waste Processing Technologies for High Added-Value Products and Services.


The Centre builds upon the world-class expertise of academics and researchers from across the NTUA who join forces to deliver research and training on themes covering advanced manufacturing, material engineering, structural engineering, organic waste processing, waste management, and applied physics. The Centre will be supported by state-of-the-art equipment for advanced experimentation on organic material processing, materials engineering, and additive manufacturing.


The Centre aspires to coordinate a needs-driven research portfolio looking to deliver solutions that will transform the manufacturing landscape at the national and international level. Pivotal to the Centre’s mission will be to provide support and training to the next generation of researchers and engineers towards building an enduring community of experts on waste processing technologies for high added value products and services.

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