Bio#Futures – New book from Springer, Editor E. Koukios, NTUA Professor Emeritus

Springer Nature Publishing House (New York) announced the publication of a new 640-page international book, which was based on the proposal, the guidance and coordination - as Editor –of NTUA Emeritus Professor Emmanuel Koukios.


This book addresses the future of world Bio-Economies and Bio-Societies, as they are shaped by the rapidly emerging Bio-Sciences and Bio-Technologies, and is titled: Bio#Futures - Foreseeing and Exploring the Bioeconomy.


What sets this book apart from other relevant efforts is its multidisciplinary approach, which has built upon the long experience of the Research Group BIOTOPOS, developed by E. Koukios at the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.


According to this approach, in the book design work there were invited to contribute with their high level of expertise on 27 important topics 70 distinguished researchers from 17 countries in 4 continents, specializing across the border of many areas, fields and disciplines. The book is prefaced by the distinguished thinker on sustainability and eco-development issues, Prof. Gunter Pauli.


It is worth noting that the topics of the new book include the current pandemic and the formulation of novel vaccines being developed to face it.


The new book aims, with its synthetic approach, to put together a useful tool and a valuable manual in the hands of its readers and users in order to facilitate their effective action and safe navigation in the rapidly changing world emerging in the coming decades.


More information on the contents of the new book can be found at the following link:


The electronic form of the book (e-book) is already available, whereas the same will soon be true for the hardcover version.

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