Scientists and Academics around the Globe working on the Cultural Heritage Preservation, unite their voices with all the forces of the International Community that are defending the Justinian Hagia Sophia, the most important historical-religious symbol of Byzantium and Orthodoxy, and struggling to annul the Turkish President Erdoğan's inflammatory and violent decision to convert it finally into an Islamic Mosque.


Hagia Sophia is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. The deontology of the Protection of World Cultural Heritage requires the respect and revealing of the values of all the historical periods of the monument. The enactment of Hagia Sophia as a Museum, within the Constitution of modern Turkey in 1934 by Atatürk, was up to now recognizing this utmost UNESCO’s requirement.


The overturn of this regime by the Turkish President Erdoğan to unilaterally operate Hagia Sophia as an Islamic Mosque, violates all the values of this great Μonument that must be preserved.


It violates its service as a Monument revealing together different Cultures and Religions, as expressed by the Memorandum of Understanding among Princeton University, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute of the Boğaziçi University and the National Technical University of Athens - Materials Science and Technology Department -signed on March 19, 1994 in Istanbul for its earthquake protection, as well as for the revealing and conservation of its mosaics, which therein was effectively supported during the August 1999 severe earthquake.


It violates the Agreement between the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Turkey on scientific, technological and cultural cooperation ratified by the Hellenic Parliament and the National Assembly of Turkey in 2001, with reference to its exemplary development in emblematic Monuments-Museums, such as Hagia Sophia.


We address a Call to the United Nations and to all the International Organizations, Universities, Research Institutes and Scientific Fora to condemn the inflammatory action decided and orchestrated by Turkish President Erdoğan against this unique World Heritage Site, Hagia Sophia. This action is against the cooperation of the people of the world, most specifically the people of the Mediterranean, with emphasis in the sensitive Greek-Turkish borders. Furthermore, it is a denial of Modern Turkey after all, its Constitution and its ratified bilateral transnational agreements.


We raise our voices to defend the values of the Justinian Hagia Sophia, a great World Heritage Site, which unites the Ecumene, remaining intact in the conscience of the Humanity, justifying the Man looking upward.


Petition promoter

Antonia Moropoulou
Head of the NTUA Research Team for Hagia Sophia Protection
Professor - National Technical University of Athens
Member of the Executive Committee - Technical Chamber of Greece


First signatures

Andreas Boudouvis
Rector - National Technical University of Athens

Ahmet Çakmak
Head of the Princeton University Research Team for Hagia Sophia Earthquake Protection
Professor Emeritus – Princeton University


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