Software project to bolster European shipyards

A European Commission funded project to develop simulation and modelling software has been launched in a bid to improve the competitiveness of European shipyards.

The €6.2 million Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions (SHIPLYS) project will bring together 12 maritime companies to work on two strands: virtual prototyping and simulation modelling; and a suite of tools including lifecycle cost analysis, environmental assessment, risk assessment and multi-criteria decision support modules.

The tools will be compatible with existing early design software including FORAN and Ship Constructor. These rapid prototyping tools will be able to establish a model in short timeframe which will bring benefit of investigating multiple alternatives easily and efficiently.

The aim is to support small to medium sized naval architects, shipbuilder and shipowners in minimising the time and costs involved in ship design and production.

The three-year SHIPLYS project will be led by industrial research institution TWI. The remaining companies include three shipyards (Ferguson Marine Engineering, Varna Maritime and Astilleros de Santander), three universities (University of Strathclyde, the Instituto Superior Tecnico of Portugal and the National Technical University of Athens), marine engineering specialist BMT Group (and subsidiaries BMT SMART and BMT Nigel Gee) and the Fundacion Centro Tecnologico Soermar. Naval architecture and supply chain solutions will be provided by as2con-Alveus and Atlantec Enterprise Solutions. Class society Lloyd’s Register will also be involved.

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