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N.T.U.A. provides the following benefits and services to Greek and foreignstudents
of the ERASMUS programme:


Reduced Students' Fare (Pass Card)
All students without exception are liable to a Pass Card, which is valid for one year and is renewed annually. Fairs and tickets for buses, trains, ships, museums, theaters, concerts and several festivities are reduced by about 35% with use of the pass. All foreign students under ERASMUS-Socrates programme are entitled to a Pass Card The Pass Card is issued by the Registrar's Office each Faculty (2 passport-sized photos required).


Greek students with low family income are entitled to free accommodation in the Students Residence in Zographou campus, located approximately 200 meters from the Building of Rural & Surveying Engineering, and operating under the responsibility and attention of the National Youth Institution. ERASMUS students may, in some cases, make use of the N.T.U.A. Student Residence provided there is a vacancy. Otherwise, the ERASMUS office will provide a short list of hotels and shared accommodation in apartments, and will help the students find a suitable and reasonably priced accommodation.


Student restaurants
The University provides full catering facilities. Three restaurants operating in the Institution provide meals at low prices. These are located:

  • One near the Building of Chemical Engineering in Zographou Campus (tel. 210 772 3068).
  • One in the building of Surveying Engineering (Lambadario) Zographou.
  • One in 26 Michael Voda St., downtown Athens, not far from the Patission complex.

The restaurants are open in the morning, noon and evening except for Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. They have reduced prices and mainly serve the Institution's students and staff. Greek students with low family income and all ERASMUS students are entitled to the meal card (see Section B.3.5 of this booklet), which provides two free meals a day in the restaurants of N.T.U.A. The cost is covered by the Ministry of Education and the number of students having free meals is about 1000.
Snacks, lunches and evening meals are available from Monday to Saturday throughout the Academic year, except Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. Lunch is served from 12:00 am to 15:00 pm and dinner from 18:30 pm to 20:00 pm. In addition, sandwiches and snacks are served at several other venues on the campus.


Meal card
The meal card provides two free meals a day in the restaurants of N.T.U.A. for Greek and Cypriot students whose annual family income is lower than a certain amount. All foreign students under SOCRATES programme are also entitled to a free Meal Card. They should apply to the Department of Student Services located in Zographou Campus (Administration Building 1st floor) handing..

  1. two passport size photographs,
  2. a letter by the Academic Advisor of their home University (preferably in English or in French) stating that they were chosen to be ERASMUS students and..
  3. a letter by their Academic Advisor in N.T.U.A confirming that he or she accepts them as an ERASMUS student either in English or in Greek).


Medical Services
N.T.U.A. provides full medical and hospital care to its students. Students from non - EU countries must have medical insurance covering before coming to Greece or must draw a contract with a private Greek insurance company when arriving, in order to cover any liabilities during their period of stay.
Medicare includes the following:

  • Immediate medical help
  • Pharmaceutical care
  • Dental care (on emergencies only)
  • Treatment in a clinic
  • In-patient and out-patient hospital care
  • Lab tests and special treatment
  • Treatment for chronic diseases and conditions.

Medical help is provided by the Clinic located in the Institution, which functions as a diagnostic center, as a center providing referrals and also as a First Aids Center. The Pharmaceutical care provides free medicines to students from pharmacies contracted with N.T.U.A. for this purpose. Hospital care is provided to every sick student after a relevant medical diagnosis and the consent of the Medical Services.

University Clinic: 210 772 1568
Social Care: 020 772 21912


Sporting Activities
N.T.U.A. offers a wide variety of sporting activities to its students. They take place in the well equipped N.T.U.A facilities, as well as in the swimming pools of the Students Boarding house at Saint Cosmas and the public one in Zographou, at the Panhellenic Playground, the Shooting Gallery in Kessariani, the Rowing club at Saint Kosmas, the Sailing club in Pireaus etc.
The sports a student can participate in include:

Fitness training, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Handball, Tennis, Table tennis, Swimming, Water polo, Sailing, Surfing, Diving, Rowing, Riding, Mountain climbing, Skiing, Shooting, Gliding, Aikido, Judo, Karatekas, as well as Chess and Bridge.

Each year several inter-departmental championships are organized among the teams of the University Faculties. N.T.U.A. student's teams have been distinguished and received many awards in Panhellenic University Games, as well as in University Games abroad. The participation is free except for Riding, Sailing, Surfing, Gliding, Mountain Climbing and Skiing, where the students need to pay a part of the cost for the courses and the diploma.

Participation Applications:
Physical Education Department,
New Buildings of Mechanical Engineering (Patission Complex) 5th floor,
tel. 210 772 2134/ 3597/ 3743/ 2137


Foreign Languages
The foreign languages' course is obligatory for all non-exchange students who can choose among the four languages taught in the N.T.U.A, namely English, French, German and Italian. Each language course comprises of one 2-hour session per week. The examination periods for the language courses are in June and September.
Although the English language is widely spoken in Greece, all courses at the University are given in Greek. The N.T.U.A. Linguistic Service offers foreign students the option of attending Greek courses during the entire academic year, free of charge. The courses are intended to provide students with the basic linguistic tools, so that they can understand and communicate efficiently with people in Greece. Contact the ERASMUS office for detailed information.

210 7721922-5 (11:00 am-13:00 pm)


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